Seoul food: At Dae Gee in Arvada, pig out on Korean barbecue

Ever play "spin the globe" as a kid?

It was a cool way to fire an 8-year-old's imagination: Set a globe whirling — making sure not to let the school librarian catch you — then close your eyes and put your fingertip on the spinning surface. Wherever it stopped, that's where you would travel someday.

You can pretty much use that same technique to find countries that do some version of barbecue. Grilling meats low and slow, then slathering them with smoky sauce, enjoys worldwide popularity.

South Korea has a huge barbecue culture and, lucky us, Joseph Kim has brought it to metro Denver. His  Dae Gee restaurant in Westminster has introduced lots of locals to various types of bulgogi, which is Korean for "fire meat." Read More.